Successful Clients Driving

These are a few of our Successful learner clients who Passed the Driver Test in Cape Town with Mother City Driving School

The reason for the very high Driver Test Pass rate is because we make sure that our Learner Clients are 100% ready to be tested.

Many people give up because they start to believe that passing the driver test is just a fouls dream. They become so despondent and desperate that they seek Illegal means to get a driver license.
There’s no need to do anything unethical or illegal to pass your driver test. Anyone can pass the driver test. It doesn’t matter how old you are as long as you’re over 18 years of age. All you need is sufficient practice and proper K53 driver training.

With help of a proper certified driving instructor from Mother City Driving School Cape Town, your dream will become your goal and our mission is to help you achieve that goal. Passing your driving test could never get any easier.

Many of our clients are first time drivers who started with us from scratch and passed first time. We also had clients coming to us from other driving schools in Cape Town and other parts of South Africa because of bad previous experiences. Some of our Clients has been driving unlicensed for many years and weren’t used to K53 rules and observations but they passed easy with us.
Thanks to the help of the internet you have found Mother City Driving School Cape Town. We will best suit your needs, and your needs is to become a safe licensed driver.
If you are looking this page right now then you can see for yourself that we have a great pass rate, better than most other schools and that we are the best driving school Cape Town has on its Maps.
Book Now to pass your driver’s license test and be one of our many Successful clients who passed the test with us.

driving school Cape Town

driving school Cape Town

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Relative Link: Click link to be directed to the South African Government Services Website with regard to rules for getting Driver Licence

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  1. conutant says:

    Very impressive drive test pass rate